PowerComm Technical Ltd (PCT) provides our clients with a variety of quality management system audits to meet their specific industry requirements. An effective quality system audit is essential in assessing the health and compliance of any quality management system.

PCT offers a diverse range of quality system audits to assist our clients in determining their direction for success, including:

  • Initial gap assessment audits to determine the level of your organization’s compliance when making a transition into a new quality standard environment or product licensing scheme.
  • Pre-assessment audits to determine compliance and readiness for any type of customer or 3rd party audits.
  • Regular scheduled internal audits of your established quality management system to assess on-going compliance and opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Follow up audits to assess the effectiveness of corrective actions and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Supplier audits for the purposes of assessing both initial & on-going supplier capabilities & competency.

Our associates are Certified QMS Lead/Principal Auditors and will assist you with the process of planning, conducting, assessing and documenting your quality systems audits.



Darryl Logan In China: Supplier Capability Assessment Audits

Mr. Logan in mainland China conducting supplier capability assessment audits

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